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1. Electrical Safety Search Checklist Homework

Give your class this electrical safety homework assignment that identifies hazards in their homes. Once your students complete this assignment, you can register your class HERE and be eligible to win $100!  Level: Grades K-6

2. Electrical Safety Activity Booklet

Level: K-2nd Grade

3. Electrical Safety Activity Booklet

Level: 3rd/4th Grade

4. Electrical Safety Activity Booklet

Level: 5th/6th Grade

5. Electrical Safety Poster – Temporarily Out of Stock

Electric Universe Brochure and Fold-Out Poster; Level: Grades K-6

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Water Measuring Activity

Water Measuring Activity

Water is often used as an analogy when teaching basic science concepts of electricity; the relationship between voltage and amperage is often compared to the volume and speed of water traveling through various sized pipes. The following activity uses water to teach...

It’s the season for safety

It’s the season for safety

While we are in the palm of winter’s icy grip, keep these 6 electrical safety tips in mind as you keep out the cold. Use space heaters safely and sparingly.Keep space heaters a minimum of four feet from furniture, drapes or clothes and never leave them unattended when...